St. Martha Sports Ministry

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Martha Sports Ministry is to promote cooperation and fellowship among the people of St. Martha Parish by:

  1. Organizing a sporting program that teaches fellowship, sportsmanship and fair play.
  2. Working with the educators of the Church and school to teach our young members of the parish our religious and moral values.
  3. Promoting and supporting all athletic activities for both adults and children.
  4. Supporting all needed activities for the betterment of the St. Martha Parish and School.

Sports Registration

Sports Registrations will be communicated through Remind, Rock Report and the Church Bulletin.

Sports Ministry Board

President Tony Waterson

Vice President Meagan Lewis

Secretary Judy Robison

Treasurer Jeff Zimmerer

Communication Director Amber Napier

Boys AD Katie Nash

Girls AD Chris Diehl

K – 2 AD Eileen Burden

Adult Sports Coordinator Nick Price

Concession Stand Mgr John Barnett

At Large Aron Flynn

At Large Tom Pifer

At Large Eddie Bratcher

Sports Ministry Fees

Sports Minisrtry fees are charged to all K-8 families with a child participating in our sports program. The annual flat fee per family is based on the number of children within your family playing sports. Fees are due in October each year and payment must be made through GameDay. The fee will need to be paid before signing your child(ren) up for the first sport of the year. Additional sport fees may be required for uniforms or equipment and will be noted on the registration.

Oct 2021 – Sept 2022 Fee: $150 for the first child and $25 for each additional child.

Sport Information

Sports information grid

Sports Ministry News

St. Martha Sports Ministry will be offering the following sports for the spring and summer sessions.

Coed Soccer – K-8

Field Hockey – 3-8

Girls Softball – 3-8

Golf(one day event) – 3-8

We have reduced the annual Sports Ministry fee for the remainder of the school year to $75 for your first child and $15 for each additional child that will be playing a spring/summer sports. Please access Game Day ( as soon as possible to sign your kids up so we can register for enough teams with the CSAA. We need all players registered by Tuesday, March 2nd.

The dates for the seasons are as follows:

Soccer – April 5th – May 10th

Softball – April 5th – May 10th

Field Hockey – April 26th – June 12th

Golf – June 7th (This is a one day tournament only)

K-2 Spring Soccer – (Meagan is getting these dates for me).

K – 2 Sports: If your child would like to play, please register them through GameDay as soon as possible.

All Facility COVID guidelines must be followed!

The CSAA is enforcing the following COVID guidelines:

– Masks are mandatory for players except when actively warming up or during play. They must wear them when on the bench.

– Masks for coaches and spectators are mandatory

– Temperature scans taken for everyone in attendance

If your child is quarantined during the season, they cannot attend practices or games during the quarantine period.


St. Martha Sports Ministry

Concession Stand Sign Ups

2024 Fall Stand – Click here to signup Deadline: September 15th

Sports Documents

Click here to view and download documents.

Get Involved!

St. Martha’s Sports Ministry provides a very valuable ministry to St. Martha parishioners of all ages. We are looking for volunteers to build on our rocking program… We need YOU! Please email the SM Board at for more information.

Ways to be involved:

  • Join the Sports Ministry Board as an At-Large member.
  • Take on a role as a committee member for Martha Gras, Homecoming, Golf Scramble, etc.
  • Become a Sports Coordinator for one of our many, many teams -Kindergarten through adult leagues.
  • Help to organize and manage the concession stand.

Stay in the Know!


Facebook: St. Martha Sports Ministry – Louisville, KY


3 – 8th Grade Code: @csaasports

K – 2nd Grade Code: @smsmk12

Adult Sports Code: @stmarthaad